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July 12th, 2012

China starts to build ACP100 small PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor)


2012-07-12 — On July 3, Hunan Hengyang city government with CNNC signed a project cooperation agreement of intent to jointly promote the the Hengyang ACP100 small PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor) Project.

Public information display, in September 2011 in Nuclear Power Group began Hunan nuclear reactor preliminary work. May 18 this year, the seventh during the fair, in the Nuclear Power Group and Hunan Provincial Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, 6 site to be selected in Hunan, the installed capacity of about 6 million kilowatts, to fight the “12th Five-Year” period in Hunan Province built the first inland nuclear power reactor project, the end of the “twelve or fifteen achieve the desired goals. And wish to promote cooperation in other areas such as wind energy, electrical energy through co-operation of nuclear power reactor project.

It is reported that small heap Nuclear Group, a security and economy of the newly developed third-generation nuclear energy systems technology innovative small pressurized water reactor, with the characteristics of safety, the economy is good, wide adaptability, can meet close to densely populated region and inland and coastal areas, demand for nuclear energy, heat, water, electricity, gas cogeneration diversity. The first reactor in the end of 2013 started construction first ACP100, site selected in Putian, Fujian.

CNNC has been developing the ACP100 modular design. This is a 100 to 150 MWe pressurized water reactor designed for electricity, heat or desalination. A plant utilizing the design will have a flexible configuration, with between one and eight modules.

The ACP-100 uses heat from the reactor for desalination, industrial purposes and residential heating. So it will a cogenerating system. Two other primary benefits are smaller modules are easier to finance and are the size to directly replace the common smaller coal plants and the 30 month construction time is about half the construction time of larger reactors (even the speedy construction times for reactors in China.

CNNC has astrong research interest in larger reactors as well (ACP600/1000 600 MWe and 1000 MWe units), in addition to an ACP100 modular small reactor for electricity, heating and desalination. It appears that the ACP600 is developed from the CNP-600 (also referred to as CP600).

It is understood that Hengyang city  is one of Chinese earliest nuclear industry base



Chinese Tokamak system makes great breakthroughs in controlled fusion power

2012-07-12 — Chinese EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak)  2012 campaign has been accomplished on July 10th. The Significant progress has been made on EAST during this new experimental campaign on many ph...
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China makes its first second-generation self-plus nuclear control rod drive mechanism

2012-06-25 — Recently, China’s first self-designed independent manufacture second generation plus million-kilowatt nuclear reactor – Fuqing Unit 1 control rod drive mechanism in the Shanghai Electric Group Sha...
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Chinese CFHI becomes the Top Suppliers of the Third Generation Nuclear Power Equipment in the World

China will continue to persist in the policy of developing nuclear power with high efficiency, promote the upgrade and independent research of nuclear power technology. Through bringing in and absorbing the third generation nuc...
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Chinese Experts have confidence in China’s nuclear power safety

2012-03-05  — A Chinese scientist on Monday joined other political advisors expressing confidence in China’s nuclear power industry, saying the country’s nuclear power stations are safe. “We should have...
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The construction of reactor vessel peotection ring

China launches a series of projects to improve nuclear emergency response

2012-02-20  – The National Energy Administration (NEA) said Monday that it has launched a series of research and development (R&D) projects to improve emergency response mechanisms for nuclear power plants in case of...
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