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July 3rd, 2012

China to build 100 PFLOPS Supercomputer, 6 times of IBM Sequoia


2012-07-02 — Recently, Chongqing City organizes a seminar, where thre participants experts all agree that the demonstration of Chongqing 100 PFLOPS Super Computing Center, and pointe out that the Super Computing Center program will provide huge support for area development.

Acoording to experts, the demand analysis fully display the importance of supercomputer. The program pointed out that the Chongqing urban management, genetic research, the construction of Three Gorges Reservoir Area, and surrounding areas in the nuclear simulation, aerospace, computational chemistry research in the field of an urgent need for 100 PFLOPS supercomputing hosting services.

Besides, the planning and design of the 100 PFLOPS supercomputing center is reasonable. The program uses the “Dawn-7000″ high-performance computer design ideas in line with international supercomputer industry trend. The flexibledesign concept can cater to the needs of the western region of the traditional high performance computing and Chongqing cloud computing strategy.

The third is the scientific development model. All parties including industry, science research and acadenic application are all invloved in this project. And the future supercomputing center will be carried out into operations in phases. Experts believe that the 100 PFLOPS Supercomputer will provide valuable experience for the country’s future supercomputing center sustainable development.



China Preparing for a Nation-wide 4G network

2012-11-27  — Engineers test new mobile grid ahead of launch of revolutionary technology. A bus installed with professional testing equipment is driven slowly along the main roads in Qingdao’s Huangdao development ...
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China’s most advanced research ship delivered

2012-10-03 — China’s most sophisticated research vessel — named Kexue, or Science — was delivered to its operator on Saturday in Qingdao, a port city in eastern Shandong Province. The 87.5-million-U.S. d...
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Closure of the world’s largest span railway-highway bridge

2012-09-16 — On Sep. 16th, Huanggang Yangtze River Bridge, the the world’s largest span railway-highway bridge, is finished its closure of main span steel girder. The completion of Huanggang Yangtze River Bridge wil...
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China for the first time to achieve optical fiber ultra-high-speed data transmission

2012-08-24 — On August 19, news came from the FiberHome Technologies Group, says that the National 973 Project “ultra-high-speed large-capacity ultra-long-distance optical transmission basic research” has made...
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World’s first walking up-down girder deck DLY70T mast crane

2012-08-01 — May 17, world’s first walking up-down girder deck DLY70T mast crane, developed by Wuhan Bridge Heavy Industries Group Co.,Ltd, has successful completed operation on uphill-type girder over the 22 degree...
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