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China's Great Science and Technology

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September 27th, 2011

China’s First Home-made Automobile: Jiefang Truck


Throughout the 1950s, the Soviet Army helped China to build up their heavy industries. As part of this plan, China established the First Automobile Works (FAW) in Changchun. Soon after, in July 1956 they introduced the Jiefang CA-10 4×2 army truck, a copy of the ZIS-150.

The CA-10 (4 × 2) Liberation 3,540 kg truck entered production at the First Automobile Works at Changchun in July 1956. It is based on the pattern of the Russian ZIL-150 (4 × 2) 3,500 kg truck. Although it has a limited cross-country capability and was primarily produced for commercial purposes, it was used in some numbers as a cargo carrier and as a prime mover for light artillery. Compared with the original it has a less efficient engine and a lack of climbing power.Over one million CA-10s of all types had been produced by the beginning of 1983.By the mid-1980s the First Automobile Works had commenced production of the CA-141 (later CA-1091) series of trucks, the replacement for the CA-10 and CA-30 series. It was reported late-2003 that small numbers of the CA-10 remain in service with the PLA, mainly in air force and communications units.

The layout of the vehicle is entirely conventional, with the engine at the front, two-door fully enclosed cab in the centre and the cargo area at the rear with drop sides and a drop tailgate. Both left- and right-hand drive models were produced, and variants are known to have included a tractor truck, firefighting vehicles, tankers, crane carriers and dump trucks. Various wheelbase lengths have been produced. The QH-140 truck, produced at the Qinghai plant, was a special variant for use at high altitudes. It was produced in petrol- and diesel-engined forms.The initial CA-10 was followed by the CA-10B in 1960. The CA-10BX, with a higher compression ratio, maximum speed and power output, appeared in September 1980. It also had changes to the camshaft, carburettor, fuel pump, oil sump, radiator, clutch, starter motor and electrical system, all of which went some way to overcoming earlier technical drawbacks.The CA-10C appeared in January 1982 and is rated at 4,500 kg. The CA-10CJ is fitted with a 100 hp engine and the CA-10CT with a 110 hp engine. The CA-15 has a 5.55-litre 115 hp engine.

Jul. 13, 1956. China’s first model CA10 4-ton Jiefang commercial truck rolled off the assembly line.



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