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October 15th, 2011

QAY1200 amd SAC12000: 1,200-ton all-terrain truck crane


XCMG QAY1200 all terrain crane adopts 8-segment single-cylinder bolt variable section telescopic boom. New jib design has two kinds of working conditions, one it 4-segment boom with independent boom head, the other is 8-segment boom, having the capacity of installing about 2MW wind power. Now XCMG begins to design new super-lift device, which can greatly improve the lifting performance and the safety. It also can be equipped with tower boom, greatly improve the comprehensive performance of the crane.

Adopt 9-axle chassis, X outrigger structure, intelligent travel and brake system, realizing full steering. The overall weight in travel is 96t, carrying all the outriggers and the whole turntable. The boom is transported independently. The exclusive jib self-assembling and disassembling device can improve the operation efficiency.

The telescopic oil cylinder of QAY1200 1,200-ton all-terrain truck crane manufactured by the independent R&D of XCMG’s Hydraulic Parts Division has passed the trial successfully and been delivered to customers. The brand-new oil cylinder, equipped in the all-terrain truck crane with largest tonnage in China, has helped make the breakthrough of large-tonnage truck crane product research and production in China. And the hydraulic cylinder, the key part of the equipment, is completely manufactured by the independent R&D and production of XCMG.

The successful trial of 1,200-ton all-terrain truck crane telescopic oil cylinder does not only satisfy the demands of XCMG’s developing large-tonnage all-terrain truck crane, but also provides a stronger support of its development of the integrated cylinder of the product with larger tonnage and overseas market expansion in the next phase.

Meanwhile, China SANY Group also provide another 1200-ton all-terrain crane SAC12000.

Sany Group 12000

As early as the 1980s, Germany’s Gottwald released the 1000-ton ten-axle all-terrain crane AMK1000/10 and formed a product series. Coming after Gottwald was Liebherr. In the 1990s, Liebherr developed the 500-ton all-terrain crane LTM1500. After almost a decade’s development, Liebherr finally launched the 1000-ton all-terrain crane in 2007.

In the meantime, in the field of hoisting machinery in China, competition was no less fierce. “Which company in China will be the first to break foreign companies’ monopoly in the production of 500-ton and larger all-terrain cranes?” was a question of common concern.

Without hesitation, Sany undertook the mission of invigorating the super large tonnage all-terrain crane industry in China. Through independent innovation and perseverance and hard work of more than 500 days and nights, Sany finally presented the 1000-ton crane to the world.

The maximum hoisting torque of the SAC12000 is 3400tm and its maximum extended boom length is 102m. Both the hoisting capacity and the lifting height of the machine are the greatest in the industry. This 1000-ton crane, an embodiment of the painstaking efforts made by people from Sany, shows innovative elements in all places: design of the self-disassembly device on the boom, bending technology of the main boom, and the design of counterweights, and so on. It is reported that the SAC12000 has applied for 23 patents, among which 7 are invention patents, 14 new practical patents and 2 appearance patents. Sany’s powerful penetration into the field of large tonnage crane has undoubtedly accelerated the technological upgrade of the wheeled crane industry in China.

Apart from a promotion reception for the 1200-ton crane, during this trade fair, Sany will hold new product promotion receptions for its 1600t crawler crane, TBM, and road machinery so as to share Sany’s innovation achievements with all spectators.



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