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November 10th, 2011

The world’s largest floating dock: “Zhonghai Emeishan”


The world’s largest floating dock, the “Zhonghai Emeishan,” started production in CSG Ship-Repairing Base at Changxing Island, Shanghai in November 2008. This marks Shanghai’s ability to take repair tasks and remodeling projects for various ships from around the world.

The “Zhonghai Emeishan” has an overall length of 410 meters, width of 82 meters, depth of 28 meters, and lift force of 85 thousand tons. The floating dock weighs 42 thousand tons and required more than 38 thousand tons of steel to build. The dock cost 580 million yuan investment to complete. It is now the world’s largest and most technologically advanced floating dock, and can be remotely-controlled in a central control room.

The floating dock was constructed independently by the China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd (CIC). On September 28, “Zhonghai Emeishan” was launched at the China Shipping shipbuilding base in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. On October 4, it was transferred to the Shanghai Changxing ship repair base, thus achieving a new leap in China’s ship repair competitiveness.

container vessel in "Zhonghai Emei Shan" floating dock

The “Zhonghai Emei Shan” has a sound structure, credible stability and advanced facilities including ultra-large suction and discharging pump, remote control valve, liquid level telemetry and automatic flexibility measuring installations which realize the remote operation in central control room.

In 2011, CIC Changxing Shipyard successful completed the M/V Kota repair work by “Zhonghai Emei Shan”.

MV Kota Perkasa is a Panamax container vessel, belongs to one German shipping company. Her main particulars: L207.92m B 32.24m. The main work of this repair period was to renew cargo hold cell guide, clean oil tank and normal drydocking job.

The subject vessel arrived at the shipyard on 1st Sept. 2011 and directly docked into “EMEISHAN” floating dock. After the hull high pressure fresh water washing, the ship owner found that the rudder blade was in bad condition with heavy rust and serious corrosion. Further to discussion between ship owner and the yard’s supervisor, the yard production department made the repair plan as follows: First, to remove the deposit builder on the rudder blade by sandblasting; Second, gouging and rewelding the area of the serious corrosion spot; Third, apply Belzona in the area of other corrosion position; Finally, grind and paint 2 coats on the surface. Due to tight repair period, the yard production department organized the workshop labour to carry out the work procedure, strictly followed the quality standard and ship owner’s requirements. The yard business department arrange the subcontractor’s engineer to be on board promptly. Due to the shipyard efforts, the rudder blade repair job was completed in time and the vessel could undock as per the owner’s request.

The owner had a deep impression on that rudder repair job. This is also the owner’s first time to award the above vessel repair at our shipyard. The owner felt satisfied with the shipyard’s facility and production management. They would like to have more cooperation with our shipyard in future.



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