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China's Great Science and Technology

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November 3rd, 2011

World’s largest 150MN hydraulic forging press


In 2009, the world’s largest 150MN hydraulic forging press made in China. The 150MN hydraulic forging press, which was developed by CFHI (China First Heavy Industries ) in order to eliminate the bottleneck in manufacturing large forgings in China, is a symbol of national comprehensive power and a matter of national economy and defense.

Six innovative technologies are developed in this hydraulic forging press, including 3 patented of invention and 1 patented of design. Its maximum press force is 150MN (15000 tons); height 24.98m; position control accuracy ±3mm. The maximum part it can forge is 600t-class giant ingot. Since it was put into operation, it has forged the world’s first Ø 5.75m conical shell of nuclear power steam generator, top closure head, whole head of nuclear power pressure vessel and other giant forging parts. Experts’ review shows that the press is the most advanced one in the world in terms of structural design, control system, product specifications and performance.

In order to meet the demands of nation-side engineering projects and ensure that sustainable development of the national economy and the strategic objective of reviving the north-east old industrial base and to realize this goal, the Central Party Committee and State Council assigned CFHI to independently develop and manufacture the largest tonnage and the most advanced 15000 ton heavy-duty hydraulic press in the world at present in 2002 through 4-years of hard work by CFHI. This project was invested 150,000,000 RMB and finally met with success. Part of the latest generation of strategic equipment, this hydraulic press will effectively meet the demands of high-end and large-scale casting and forging necessary for nuclear power, hydroelectric power, shipping, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, etc.

The 150MN hydraulic open-die forging press, of which Mr.Wu was the chief engineer, won the special prize of Provincial Science & Technology Advancement 2007 and the first prize of the National Science & Technology Advancement 2008, has opened a new era for manufacture of hydraulic presses.



China tests world’s fastest alpine railway

2012-10-08 — China on Monday showcased the world’s first alpine high-speed rail line, which threads through the country’s three northeastern provinces. A test train departed from Harbin West Station, located i...
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China Develops World first 3D ship-hull plate bending machine

3D ship-hull Plate bending machine which is developed by Surele company in Shandong Province in China, Advantages include: 1. Instead of Line-heating; 2. Will not destroy the plate material; 3. Green ship buliding; 4. Increasin...
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Chinese companies focus on lifting heavy machinery

Shan Zenghai, director of the technical center at State-owned Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, said he is “optimistic” about the world’s machinery market in the near term. “Very few markets are as de...
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Pubugou Hydropower Station: the landmark project in China’s West Development

Pubugou Hydropower Station is the ultra-large hydropower project in the Dadu River Valley with the largest installed capacity (3.6 million kilowatts), the largest reservoir capacity (5.337 billion in3) and the best adjustment p...
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Taishan nuclear plant: the largest single-unit installed capacity in the world

Construction of the first-phase project of Taishan nuclear power plant started on the morning of December 21 2009, indicating the beginning of the Taishan nuclear power plant’s all-round construction after 20 years of pla...
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