History of Abaya

Abayas are sold everywhere in the world. There are different kinds of abayas in markets. Each of them is bought by ladies and girls. Many of them are cheap but some are every expensive. However, all of them are rooted from simple abayas.

Abaya has long history. The world did not know what the abaya was initially. The concept was built gradually and slowly. Do you want to know how it came? If yes, then scroll down and read the briefest history of abaya!

The origins of abaya are vague, some people suggest it’s been around for 4,000 years!! The tradition started in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia which is now known as Iraq and when Islam started spreading during the seventh century is absorbed the local veiling practices.

In the Arabian peninsula, women have been wearing abayas or clothing similar to abayas for hundreds of years. Before Islam had gained popularity in this region, wearing an abaya were seen to be from noble families who didn’t have to work to provide for their families. Later on, abaya was adopted for religious reasons as a sign of modesty. For a majority of the people, the clothing culture truly matters. Many of them consider that women who wear abaya value culture and religion.

In the past abayas were made out of wool or silk and came in one flowing size. The Bedouin women were known for wearing lightweight shawls and wraps. They did not wear a black abaya as it is now. The first abaya was a one piece of cloth that cover a person from head to toe.

Nowadays, black abayas are common to wear because women can create black abaya with the limited resources they had. Majority of them use goats. Besides, black abaya fulfill the main goal and objective of Islam. The main objective of wearing abaya in Islam is to cover your body. Black color don’t reveal anything what you are wearing underneath it.

So, this is the briefest history of abaya. Although we connect abaya with Islam, there is and was the concept of the modest dressing in all religions and code of conduct around the world. Therefore, there are shops of modest clothing in Dubai, USA, Asia and Africa as well. You can even buy western dresses in Dubai that are stylish and modest as well.