Move-In Deep Cleaning Services - Things You Need To Know

Move-In Deep Cleaning Services – Things You Need To Know

During a move-in and move-out clean-up and deep cleaning, almost every surface area will be cleaned and sanitized, including basements. Basements are usually scrubbed with a high-pressure water jetting system to remove any smudges and stains. Light fixtures are dusted with fine-grit sandpaper. Floors are thoroughly cleaned using chemical-free cleaning products.

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All corners of the house are considered “reach-in” areas. Most professional house deep cleaning services perform this service on a full-house basis. The cost of this type of deep cleaning is less than several large commercial-grade home cleaners. Homeowners need to consult a professional if they have cracks, spider webs, or yellowed wood in places that are considered a reach-in. This can affect the ability to clean easily and can also attract insects and rodents.

When calling a professional cleaner, it is important information is gathered about the home’s condition. Some common questions include, how many square feet the house is, where was the leak or flood located, if any animals or pests are living in the home and if there has been recent activity like re-roofing, painting, or other types of remodeling. There is no right or wrong way to answer these questions. The important information needed is to provide the cleaning company with an accurate inventory of all items in the home. Then the experienced professional will move into the main areas of concern and begin the cleaning process.

After the initial move in deep cleaning and sanitizing is done, the professional will typically move the furniture and apply additional cleaning products and treatments. They will then work on the walls and ceilings. Walls will most likely need an additional stain guard application, insect repellant treatment, or mold protection after mold removal. Carpets should be cleaned using steam cleaners and regular vacuums, and the rest of the floors will most likely require a disinfecting treatment or sanitizing solution. Additional steps will follow based on the severity of the damage.

A move in deep cleaning service in Dubai will use a truck-mounted pressure cleaning unit. This is the same equipment used by professional commercial cleaners. Depending on the severity, this step may be the final step of the process or a preparatory step before the movers enter the home. Pressure cleaning equipment is designed for deep stains, and discoloration or mildew.