Oil on Wheels – How Does Oil Travel?

Oil is not an unlimited commodity. The natural oil comes from the ground. Before human beings learned to make automobiles and run them on the streets, millions of years ago, the earth prepares itself to make fossil fuel sources for these modern vehicles. The future has no present without the past. Many people can say that it is just a coincidence and others believe in the hand of the providence. Regardless of the beliefs, one fact remains true that fossil fuels are a limited resource. One day the earth is going to be empty with no more oil to spare. We hope that by that time, we have enough progress in the alternative fuel industry that we can power our machines. Otherwise, humanity will go back to the Stone Age.

How Oil travels?

It is funny that you need oil to travel, and oil needs to travel to get to your car. Before petroleum can reach the gas stations at the side of your street, it has to go through a significant travel route itself from the depths of the earth to the tank of your car engine. After crude oil is processed and prepared in the factories, it is stored in large vessels to travel in bulk. A low bed trailer is a great transportation device to carry this oil from one place to another. It is not possible to send a small amount of oil every other day. Giant oil tankers are filled with large quantities of liquid gold and travel on a hefty route to supply all the stations with enough gas to meet their monthly demands. You wonder how the gas station stays in one place but never runs out of petrol to sell. This is because the managers there calculate carefully the amount of oil they need monthly and order a refill accordingly.


The big oil trailers make several stops at all the oil storage terminals on their route. The job of the oil exporters is complete there, and the duties of the local providers start at that point. The availability of oil at your local oil provider is not a coincidence. Still, it is a well-planned series of operations that small networks of hundreds of workers carry out with coordination. If one part of this system is dysfunctional, the whole chain of the spectrum will go down. Before you get oil, it has a significant travel story of its own.