Important responsibilities of a babysitter

The job of a babysitter is quite challenging, not in terms of physical effort but it demands full attention and responsibility. This is because a baby especially a newborn infant is quite sensitive so a babysitter has to be very cautious while performing his job. Hiring a babysitter is quite essential if the mother is unable to handle her baby appropriately. This could happen due to multiple reasons like if the mother has gone through C-section while giving birth or if the mother is a working woman. Such type of situations make it quite difficult for a mother to give sufficient care and attention to her baby. 

A babysitter can resolve this issue in the most appropriate way. All you have to do is to hire a babysitting service Dubai as soon as possible so that your baby would get proper attention. In this article we will discuss some of the common responsibilities of a babysitter so that you would get some relevant information regarding this aspect.

Take care of baby’s health

The baby’s immunity is quite weak and for this purpose the babysitter must make sure that everything which is being served to the baby is properly washed and sterilized. Whether it is feeding bottle or any other food item. On the other hand if the infant is breastfeeding then the babysitter is also responsible to help and guide the new mothers about the appropriate way of breastfeeding in Dubai to ensure that the health of the baby is not compromised.

Ensure baby’s safety

This is one of the most important responsibilities of a babysitter as most of the parents hire a skillful babysitter just to ensure a watchful eye on their baby. For this purpose the babysitter make sure that the baby is not eating something harmful. Secondly they also keep a check that whether the baby is sitting or sleeping safely or not. Like for infants, it is essential to put pillows on each side while the baby is sleeping or sitting to avoid any accidental fall.

Baby’s cleaning and hygiene

Hygiene is one of the most essential aspect for the baby’s health and well being. It is the main responsibility of a babysitter to change the baby’s diapers frequently. On the other hand they are also responsible for appropriate bathing and dressing of infants. They ensure that the clothes are always clean so that the baby would not get affected by poor hygienic practices.